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With a whole ecosystem of AI-driven tools and services, Mica.City (Mission for internet community applications city), an AI-based startup, known as the reliable Smart Business Solution (SBS), is your one-stop shop for all your technological and inventive needs.

With the help of Mica.City's strategic IT consulting services, you can build a successful company with a toolkit that runs effectively and automatically while attracting an endless supply of customers. The solutions we stress and work on automating a wide range of tasks to increase your business's profitability.

Wozomail .com

"Easy organizational communication
Simple and effortless way to communicate at your workplace."

Created by Mica.city, Wozomail.com is a web-based email system. The platform allows users to communicate with one another without interruption and provides them with a unique experience.


Magickaro .com

"This is the simplest platform to bring your business on top during this digital world."

Magickaro, one of the most rapidly expanding digital marketing agencies, is driven by a desire to fulfil the needs of its customers in every way. They are an eager group of young professionals who value unconventional approaches.


Teckmawa .com

"Best Domain Hosting provider For Your Business. Give your brand the personality it needs to take off."

With affordably priced and customer support, get website hosting with high performance and security. Don't let your hosting service's slowest speed cause you to lose any more customers.



"Products that are beneficial to everyone. organizing the globe's information and making it easily accessible to everyone."

Doozoo.com is a search engine developed by Mica.city. Doozoo also provides advertisement opportunities for all entrepreneurs. Search is used by people all over the world to obtain information, learn about interests, and make crucial decisions.


Chatsup .com

“Connect with your loved ones, you can talk to anybody around the globe.”

When it comes to free instant messaging apps, Chatsup.com is your best bet, and it works with both Android and iOS devices. Users can communicate with one another in private or in large groups using text message. This is different from normal SMS texting, which is done through your phone company.


Todaynews .com

"An e-news website to know news all around the world. Now you can get to know more news about everything worldwide."

Todaynews.com is the e-news website created by Mica.city. You can get your brand to reach the targeted audience by adverting on the Todaynews website. With an attractive logo and customizable templates.


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The company also focuses on developing and delivering IT development services and advanced artificial intelligence technology offerings that can accommodate various business sizes. Similar to how small and medium-sized businesses would benefit from our solutions by giving them access to cutting-edge technology to avoid competition from big, international firms.

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